04.University Enrollment Service

University Enrollment Service

Items NO. Service Contents

1 Relevant counseling about study abroad before signing a contract (time unlimited)
2 Relevant counseling about study abroad before signing a contract (time unlimited)

Academies ion
1 Providing total ranking list of each department of the academies(US News & World Report)
2 Divided ABC levels according to student’s capability, and each level provides data list of 10-30 academies
3 Indirection ed 20 academies, providing detailed information list of A:5, B:10, C:5 academies
4 Analysis of superior and inferior ones to 8 final academies to be applied

Translation of documents
1 Guidance of English resume writing
2 Guidance/writing/polishing/translations/modification of SOP
3 Guidance/writing/polishing/translations/modification of letter of recommendation
4 Documents’ printing with hardcover imported paper

Application and contact
1 Trial Balance of GPA computer programming
2 Examining the status of the applicant in advance before sending the mail


Form Instruction

1 Service of buying the money order of the academy application fees
2 Instructing to key in the application form with computer
3 Instructing to process computer on-line application
4 Assisting to apply for TOEFL for ETS, and to send school report cards of GRE, GMAT
5 Apply for language curriculums

Tracking Service
1 Instructing to track in the status of application
2 Instructing to emergent solution/compensation for various kinds of problems

Procedures of going abroad
1 Taking charge of international student ID (fee NT$ 250 prepaid)
2 Purchasing student bargain price for air tickets
3 Contact and arrangement of picking up at the airport
4 Analysis/arrangement of boarding (school dormitory or boarding family)
5 Dealing with visa counseling/reservation and counseling time with AIT

Follow-up services
1 Final confirmation of pick-up at the airport
2 Confirmation of safe arriving

Other extra services
1 Instructing to write DS-156/157/158 visa, pay SEVIS charges
2 Instructing to write a declining letter
3 Instructing to write an application postpone letter
4 Handling school transferring matters